Couple Suspended 400 Feet Above A Canyon Get Married, And Have The Photos To Prove It

"Funny how when you face your fears enough, you may even find that you like them."

For Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin, getting married was, quite literally, a high.

The now husband-and-wife met highlining in San Francisco through a trip organized by their mutual friend, Justin, Weglin tells A Plus in an email. "Ironic because Ryan's mom had said [to him] just two weeks earlier, 'You'll never meet a girl hanging out with Justin and his dog all the time!' And it was because of Justin that we met."

The two hit it off "immediately" and decided to go a Highline and BASE jumping festival, called GGBY, in Moab, Utah


"It sounded awesome so I agreed to go on a road trip with someone I just met. We were originally supposed to drive straight there. Instead, he ended up planning this huge two-week road trip for us through Yosemite, Vegas, Zion, Arches, GGBY, Salt Lake City, and Reno. It was really sweet, and we've been together ever since. That festival that I had no clue about ended up turning into our anniversary trip each year ... and then he proposed there ... and then we got married there," Weglin says.

And their wedding was nothing short of incredible: the two married while suspended 400 feet in the air over the Moab Canyon. Weglin says that not only is it a beautiful area and one of her favorite spots in the world, but it's particularly special to the couple because it helped bring them together. 

"We chose to get married in that particular area at that time of year specifically because of the GGBY festival," Weglin continues. "Over the years we've made so many incredible memories there together. We love the energy of the festival and how it makes us feel each year."

"This festival is the only time of year we get to see ALL of our friends from all over the world (I'm talking, Europe, South America, Australia, Iceland, Canada) all in one place, so it made sense for us to get engaged there and get married there."

"We knew we wouldn't be able to recreate the loving and supportive energy of that festival no matter how hard we tried, so we knew we had to get married there, surrounded by our slack family, in a space that not many people will ever get to experience."

And that they did. 

In stunning photos from the big day, the couple can be seen standing over a brightly-colored net and paracord. Friends performed aerial moves on silks below them, and BASE jumpers served as "flower girls," plunging from the cliffs with "5,000 'petals in their packs,'" My Modern Met reports.

When asked how she felt getting married high up in the air, Weglin tells us: 

"I used to be terrified of heights when I started in this sport. I'm talking full blown panic attacks every single time I tried to get out on a Highline. Over time, with enough practice and exposure, I have (for the most part) become quite comfortable at heights. So it really meant a lot to get married in the air in a space that used to scare the shit out of me and have it feel nearly normal. It was a real testament to how much progress and growth I've made over the past three years. Funny how when you face your fears enough, you may even find that you like them."

As for the wedding party and guests? Weglin says that almost everyone there, save their friends and family from home, were Highliners, BASE jumpers, climbers, and acrobats themselves.

"It was pretty much just a normal day for all of us ... except with a wedding added in and a massive desert rave to celebrate," she says. 

You can check out more photos from the couple's special day below:


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