This Coffee Shop Campaigned For Ryan Gosling To Visit. Then They Got A Surprise.

From cardboard to the real thing.

A coffee shop in Canada got the perfect surprise this week after campaigning on Twitter for actor Ryan Gosling to stop by during the Toronto International Film Festival — the man himself actually showed up for a cup of joe.


According to Mashable, Grinder Coffee launched a 10-day campaign earlier this month using a cardboard cutout of Gosling in its store. The cafe's Twitter account used the hashtag #ryanneedsgrinder and encouraged customers to pose for photos with the fake movie star.

They even displayed a sign explaining the top three reasons Gosling should visit. Those included "delicious coffee," a great location in Gerrard Square, and, of course, "We will keep the 'Hey girl' to a minimum."

Eventually, the real Gosling took notice of Grinder's creative campaign, and he paid them a visit on Tuesday. "What a good sport, a well brought up Canadian boy," the shop tweeted, along with a picture of the actor embracing the shopowner, Joelle. 

Joelle's nephew later posted a Twitter thread expressing pride in his "cool aunt," and writing, "Joelle deserved this, she finally scored one for the little guy, and she proved that success isn't always something that's measured tangibly."

He also added that, according to his aunt, Gosling smells "really good."

Gosling isn't the only star to drop by a local business by popular demand. Last year, actor Liam Neeson visited a sandwich shop in Vancouver, where he was filming a movie. The shop had put a sign outside which read, "Liam Neeson eats here for free."

In Neeson's case, it didn't take 10 days for him to show up. The same day the sign went out, the actor arrived to claim his free meal and pose for a funny picture with employees.


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