We Can't Stop Laughing At Harrison Ford 'Forgetting' This Detail About Ryan Gosling

Ryan who?

Even if your name is Ryan Gosling, someone like Harrison Ford just might forget it.

The two actors recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show, based in London, to promote their new film, Blade Runner 2049. 

Ford was in the middle of discussing how he suggested Gosling be cast in the film with the show's host when he suddenly forgets Gosling's first name and looks over to him for a quick reminder of what it is. Without cracking a smile, Gosling tells him, causing immediate laughter from the audience.


In true actor fashion, Ford continues to play on this joke, fumbling through Gosling's name again and then purposely mispronouncing his last name.  

You had us fooled for a second there, Harrison.

Get a laugh out of Ford and Gosling below:


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