Hilarious Guy On Twitter Imitates Russell Westbrook And Got Him To Respond

This is too funny.

Russell Westbrook is an intense competitor, and sometimes that means intense... faces. 

The all-star guard has been busy destroying his opponents in the NBA the last few years, and along the way we've seen him get pretty fired up.


Take this moment, for example.

But Westbrook doesn't just celebrate three-pointers. He's also known to throw down vicious dunks and play fantastic defense. That explains why he averaged 28.1 points and 2.1 steals per game last season

Also, high fives are really, really important to him.

Which might explain why someone took the time to make this video...

Apparently, we're not the only ones who like his moves. Basketball fans love them too.

Here's how Russell responded on Twitter to Twitter user BdotAdot5's incredible impression.

Well played.


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