The Running Man Challenge Is A Lie. Here's Why.

Even the cops are in on the dance corruption and it must stop.

Listen up, kids.

First, get the hell off my lawn. 

Second, turn off "My Boo" for five seconds. Stop this weird half-shuffle you're calling The Running Man or The Running Man Challenge and pay attention.

As part of the minority of A Plus staffers who witnessed the '80s and '90s in all of their terrible beauty, it is my duty to inform you that none of you are doing The Running Man.

Yes, we know that it's being called The Running Man.

And yeah, OK, maybe it looks a little bit like The Running Man that made the age of parachute pants and Bobby Brown so golden.

Call it The Runner, call it The Running Man 2. Call it "Spaghetti Pants Johnson" for all I care ...

Call it whatever you want, but — and we hate to tell you this — it's not, and will never be, The Running Man. 


Look, this is cool and all, but it's not The Running Man.

Sorry, Ellen. We give props to these guys but ... none of these are The Running Man.

Even the NYPD will never get me to call this The Running Man.

THIS is The Running Man:

THIS is The Running Man.

Don't believe us? Well ... Queen Bey knows that THIS is The Running Man.

Ask Bobby Brown: "Is THIS The Running Man?"

Here's a throwback from two years ago, just in case any of you youngins are planning to usurp any other dance names.

Got that?


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