Follow SHEARE On An Incredible Music Video Through New York City

It fools the eyes.

Brandon Sheer is the New York City based artist who boggled us with his music video 'Eyes.'

Now, he's back again, this time running in, around and through New York City in another visually stunning music video.

In the video above, SHEARE — his artist moniker — is followed by a camera that dives into sewers, through mailboxes and doors, and underground, all with his original music guiding us throughout. 

The track, called "Nothing," is a dreamy jam that fits perfectly to the collection of photos. Using 3,000 photographs, the video was directed by Marko Anstice, according to Sheer.

"He flew over for a week and we basically just took his camera all around New York and Brooklyn and shot it in a couple of days, very guerilla style," Sheer told A+. "It was incredibly time consuming as you can imagine as everything was shot in stop motion."

Check it out above and share it if you enjoyed!


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