Super-Rude Waitress Who's The New Internet Sensation Says She Was Only Doing Her Job

That's one way to do business.

If you were convinced that nine out of 10 times the quality of restaurant's service is based on its staff's politeness and professionalism (that one other time being you totally wasted on unlimited margaritas), then prepare to have your entire world shaken up.

There's a place in Chicago called Ed Debevic's that became famous for its incredibly unfriendly service. But here's the twist — it's like that on purpose.

Basically, the whole business model of Ed Debevic's is to give its customers the middle finger. Per the restaurant's website, "the servers pride themselves on snarky remarks," so if you're not in for some trash talk, they'll be glad to show you the door. 

Popular in Chicago, the restaurant is still a novelty to most outsiders and this video proves it. Kryssie "Cherry" Ridolfi, one of the waitresses at Ed Debevic's, became a viral sensation after footage of her berating local diners was uploaded to the Internet.


Waiters and waitresses at Ed Debevic's are known to smack talk their customers since the '80s.

Ridolfi, who started working at the place 11 years ago, says she had to audition to get the job.

While certainly unconventional, Ed Debevic's looks like a fun place to forget about manners for a while and just enjoy delicious food.


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