This Sweet Pit Bull Almost Didn't Make It, But Now The Whole World Is Falling In Love With Her

She held on and wouldn't let go.

When animal advocate Jennifer Clayton met Ruby Sue for the first time at a Utah veterinary clinic almost a year ago, things weren't looking too good. The five-day-old pit bull weighed only 10 ounces - less than she had at birth - and was developing aspiration pneumonia as a result of the cleft lip and palate she had been born with. Multiple veterinarians recommended to Clayton that she be put down.

"I didn't want this tiny little pup to suffer, so I really struggled with what to do," Clayton said in an email to A+.  "But Ruby made the decision for me when she perked up for a brief moment and started to suck on my finger.  I knew then that this tiny puppy was a fighter and that I wanted to at least give her a chance."


Ruby's vet helped Clayton devise a plan to help the little fighter recover, and thanks to her round-the-clock care and tube feedings, she began to improve. When she was four months old, Clayton flew her from Utah to the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School in Philadelphia, where the doctors surgically corrected her cleft palate. The pup has been thriving in the seven months since, and has found a loving forever home with Clayton.

Notably, though, Ruby's cleft lip remains intact. Clayton said that she and the doctors opted not to alter it because it was only a "cosmetic issue."

"People around the world have fallen in love with Ruby because she is different, and we think there is an important message in that," she said. 

Clayton, who co-founded the Salt Lake City-based Utah Animal Advocacy Foundation, hopes that Ruby will be able to work as a therapy dog and provide comfort to children who are born with similar differences.

"We also hope that people will see what an amazing dog Ruby is and consider adopting a special-needs pet of their own," said Clayton. "Just because an animal isn't perfect, doesn't mean it isn't the perfect animal for someone."

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Cover image via Jennifer Clayton.


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