Video Of An Iranian Rugby Coach Holding Her Baby, While Coaching, Wins The Internet's Love

Multitasking mama.

Zahra Nouri is one badass lady. She coaches the Tehran-based Setaregan ("Star") RFC, and the Iranian national women's rugby team. And, like most new parents, she is no stranger to multitasking. 

Recently, one video of her impressive multitasking skills went viral because it shows Nouri holding her baby while giving pointers to the team. 

Romper reports that Pejman Rahbar, editor-in-chief of the Iranian sports site Varzesh3, shared the clip of Nouri on Twitter last week. The caption roughly translates to, "Zahra Nouri, coach of the Tehran Stars rugby team, leads the team with a young child in her arms. This video is short, but amazing." It was later shared by journalist Sobhan Hassanvand on Twitter with an English caption and began to generate even more buzz.

While multitasking parenting isn't anything unusual, the photo resonated with so many, and quickly earned "viral" status. And Nouri isn't the only one celebrating mom multitasking. The Setaregan Rugby Football Club's Instagram features other photos of the team with their children while working on their game.

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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