After Her Dad Accidentally Made Her Quinceañera Invitation Public, Thousands Attended

"Everyone is cordially invited ... "

Quinceañeras are known for being massive celebrations as they mark the transition of a 15-year-old girl from childhood to adulthood. That said, few quinceañeras are like Rubí Ibarra García's. 

Rubí and her family made a video "cordially inviting everyone" to the celebration. Then Rubí's dad, Crescencio, accidentally made the Facebook invite for Rubí's quinceañera public and it quickly went viral. 


The video was viewed over 4 million times. Plus, the Facebook post was shared 978,000 times and 1.3 million people RSVP'd they'd be attending.

People reported that hashtag #XVdeRuby was even trending on social media and Mexican airline Interjet offered a 30 percent discount off flights for people who wanted to attend the event in La Joya, San Luis Potosi State, Mexico.

Ahead of the event, Rubí took to Facebook to ask for people's patience during the celebration:

In the end, approximately 30,000 people ended up attending the party. To accommodate the crowd, the Guardian reports that the party was held on a ranch in central Mexico and the Red Cross and police helped to control the people and traffic.

NBC stated that even though the party had a very large crowd, it still was a very traditional quinceañera with a prayer, lunch, dinner, and dancing. Plus, lots of love for Rubí and her family.


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