Powerful Ad Shows Fear Of Flying From An Unexpected Perspective To Make You Rethink Your Behavior

It's an eye-opening look at a fear you've probably never thought twice about.

There are lots of reasons people find themselves afraid of flying. They're in a confined space 35,000 feet in the air, they're not in control, and the plane could crash. But in a new ad, Royal Jordanian airline wants you to look at the fear of flying from a perspective you're not used to seeing. 

In the ad titled "Are You Afraid of Flying?" a narrator speaks as the camera pans over passengers in an airplane. 

"I'm not afraid of flying," the narrator says. "I'm not afraid of the risk of it. I'm afraid I end up somewhere I don't want to go. Afraid of being stuck in a place with people who look at me differently. I'm afraid of the what-ifs. What if something wrong happens and they don't believe me … ?"


The camera stops panning when it gets to an Arab man who feels uncomfortable on the flight as fellow passengers stare at him. 

"I'm not afraid of flying. But the people around me are afraid of me," the narrator continues. "People who are afraid discriminate. Those discriminated against — they're even more afraid."

The ad ends with a simple sentence displayed across the man: "Don't be afraid to say no to discrimination." 

It's an eye-opening look at what it's like to travel when perceived as a Muslim in today's increasingly Islamophobic society.  

"This ad is not done to reinforce stereotypes but to point out discrimination," says Paul Shearer, group chief creative officer for Memac Ogilvy, which made the ad, told Adweek. "Just because you look Arabic doesn't mean you are not afraid as well."

Perhaps this advertisement will make people rethink their behaviors and refrain from judging strangers at the airport based on harmful stereotypes and unfair assumptions. 


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