There's Now A Highway That Sings To You When You Drive On It

Get into the groove.

There's almost nothing more American than cruising down Route 66, singing along to a classic rock song on the radio. 

New Mexico found a way to one-up the experience by creating a stretch of the iconic highway that actually sings "America The Beautiful" to drivers. 

This isn't accomplished through a series of big speakers or a dedicated radio station. The music actually comes from the highway itself using a series of grooves, kind of similar to a rumble strip. The spacing of the grooves determines what sound the tire makes when it vibrates as the car drives over it. 

By changing up the spacing of these grooves, they can make different notes. When the grooves are placed in a certain order, they make a song.

Cool, right?

Well it gets cooler. While it's enticing to speed along this stretch of road, the song will only play at the right tempo if you're observing the the speed limit (45mph).

In other words, it makes driving safer and more enjoyable.

This stretch of road is located on Eastbound Route 66 in Tijeras, New Mexico, off exit 170 on I-40. Though it was installed in 2014, it has quickly become a favorite attraction.

Can't make it out to New Mexico to hear it for yourself? Check it out below:



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