Creative Family Photo Goes Viral For Its Message Of Hope After Losing A Parent

"I also hope it encourages people to meet up with family and snap a few pictures!”

This family photo is going viral for how creative it is and the sweet message behind it. Louisiana mom and blogger Chrissy Roussel shared the photo which shows her kids and her nieces and nephews. In total, the photo features 17 of Roussel's parents' grandchildren dressed up in coordinating T-shirts on the beach. The number on their shirts represents the child's birth order and their shirt colors signify which children are siblings. 

Roussel first shared the image on her blog's Facebook page Roussel Six Pack, but then it made its way to the Love What Matters Facebook page where it went viral. In the post, Roussel shared how the family photo helped her to realize something important about the five youngest children, three of which are her own. They brought the family happiness during an extremely difficult time. 

"I share this photo in celebration and memory of my Dad, who died 3 years ago," she wrote. "Soon after he died, I found out I was pregnant with spontaneous triplets (kids 13-15 in the picture). Surprise and shock doesn't even begin to describe my reaction. And yet my triplets weren't the only babies on the way for my family ... two of my brothers' wives were expecting two (kids 16-17)! So when I look at this picture of my parents' 17 grandkids, I notice in particular those five rainbow babies who brought so much joy in the months and years after my Dad passed away." 

The family calls these kids the "Frederick Five" in memory of their dad, Frederick Michael Fox Jr., according to HuffPost


While the family was grieving the loss of their father, they were brought joy thanks to the births of these five children. Of course, this didn't make the pain go away, but it did help them realize their father's legacy. 

"I also reflect on how those 17 kind, thoughtful, funny kids are my Dad's greatest legacy," Roussel continued. "A beautiful legacy of love, indeed. We miss him so much, but we feel his presence every day through the love and joy of all these kids." 

The post has been shared more than 1,100 times and has amassed more than 23,000 likes. Based on the comments, it's clear that many people relate to Roussel's experience. People shared their own stories about losing their fathers as well as some sweet family photos of their own. 

"I think so many people can relate to the joy that comes from being with extended family and having all your little ones together. It just puts a smile on your face to see 17 little cousins lined up together on the beach. In addition, while the image itself is beautiful, I think people are touched by the bittersweet story behind the photo as well," Roussel told HuffPost. "I also hope it encourages people to meet up with family and snap a few pictures!"

We hope so too. 


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