Here's Why So Many Celebrities Are Opting Out Of Using Twitter Today To Stand With Rose McGowan

"See you Saturday."

A call to boycott Twitter on October 13 in order to stand up for women's voices being silenced has been the talk of the social media platform just days after actress Rose McGowan's account was suspended.

The protest, #WomenBoycottTwitter, went viral October 12 after McGowan told followers that Harvey Weinstein — the famed producer who was the subject of a New York Times report last week for having a history of alleged sexual misconduct toward women in Hollywood — raped her. Before that, Twitter temporarily suspended her account after the website said she tweeted a private number.


A McGowan supporter then called for a boycott of the website for 24 hours to make a point about the absence of women's voices after constantly being silenced and not believed when sexual assault occurs. It wasn't long before McGowan retweeted her to encourage others to do the same.

Soon after, other celebrities joined in solidarity with McGowan.

While #WomenBoycottTwitter is meant to bring attention to the fact that women are consistently silenced, film director Ava DuVernay disagrees. For her and other Twitter users, a boycott of this magnitude didn't come together after Jemele Hill, a host for ESPN's SportsCenter, was suspended for two weeks after statements she posted on social media were reportedly against the network's policy.

Today, #AmplifyWomen and #WOCAffirmation are making the rounds on social media as people are rebelling against the prospect of silencing themselves to push forth a woman's right to be heard.

People currently boycotting Twitter will return to the platform Saturday with more to say and questions to answer after the emergence of these inclusive and encouraging hashtags.

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