Meet Rose Geil, The Woman Who Embraced Her Facial Hair By Growing A Full Beard

"Growing my beard has made me feel more confident."


Today, beauty conventions are being challenged more and more, allowing a space for those who don't necessarily fit the standards to be celebrated. From 60-year-old male model Phillippe Dumas, to Del Keens, founder of fashion agency Misfit Models, to model Harnaam Kaur, who suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), people are expanding the definition of beauty all the time. 

Here to push the boundaries even further is Rose Geil, a woman who has proudly grown out a full beard. 

In the video above, the 39-year-old from Oregon told Barcroft TV that she is not sure what is causing her excess hair growth, but believes it may be a combination of PCOS and genetics. She says she first noticed the hair at 13 years old, and she immediately starting removing it. 

But after 25 years of daily hair removal, Geil has decided to stop shaving and embrace her facial hair. The best part is, her confidence has only increased since she liberated herself from razors, tweezers and laser hair removal treatments.  

"The whole thing was exhausting, trying to keep it hidden, and removing it," Geil says in the video. "Because of my hair, I didn't really get into clothes, or makeup or hair, or anything like that. I was very girly so I didn't participate with my friends in that way. I was a little bit of an outcast in school. I didn't really fit in."

In the video, Geil's friends also show their support. One friend said, "I definitely think Rose in an inspiration for this. My daughters and I have a few conversations about body positivity, and use Rose as a sort of jumping off point for the conversation."

The video isn't the only place where Geil discusses accepting herself and gaining confidence in her appearance. She is also active on social media. She regularly uploads happy photos to Instagram with tags like #unapologetic, #noshame, #beauty and #beardlove.

Geil's positive photos have attracted a number of fans. One commenter said, "You are stunning." Another Instagram fan wrote, "You're awesome, I love seeing your happy face all over the place. You remind to stay positive and keep going. Love you lots!"

In a society where a hairless body and face are still seen as the beauty ideal for many, Geil is a breath of fresh air. Her photos and video show that the most beautiful thing is loving yourself for who you are and embracing the qualities that make you unique.

(H/T: Metro)


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