Friends Prank Housemates By Turning Their Bedroom Into A Fake Museum Exhibit

This is what happens when you get ahold of a laminator.

A few weeks ago, Ellen Huet seized the opportunity to play an excellent prank on a few of her housemates when they went on vacation. With the help of her roommates, she got crafty with a laminator and wrote up placards for some of her housemates' belongings strewn about the bedroom. The result was a fake museum exhibit with objects tagged as if they were discovered by a future anthropologist. 

"Opportunity: two of your housemates take a trip," Huet's wrote on Twitter. "Battle plan: rest of house bands together to convert their bedroom into an error-filled anthropological exhibit from the future." 


Huet and two of her roommates, Tony Lai and Nihar Madhavan, took turns writing hilarious descriptions. For example, above a jar of dollars and coins, they placed a placard titled "United States Currency" and noted that it was made of "Metal, paper, [and] glass." The caption read, "The collection of metal and paper in this container is believed to be a shrine. Some humans followed the religion known as Capitalism and believed they would go to 'Bankruptcy' if they did not leave daily offerings for their economic deity, who would collect the offerings with an invisible hand." 

They titled a curling iron "Sex Toy" and explained that it's "a rare and highly well-maintained example of the type of device used by 20th century humans for optimizing eugonadal elevation. Notice the clamp designed for the somewhat titillating practice known as 'crimping.'" They kept the explanation for a single mitten which they titled "Condom" short and sweet: "Humans of this era would sew condoms to use before mating." 

They played the silly prank on their roommates because they knew they'd get a kick out of it 

"We really love them and wanted to do something funny for them that wouldn't be a hassle," Huet told BuzzFeed. "They came home this past Saturday and loved it." 

People on the Internet appreciated it too. Huet's original tweet about the fake museum exhibit has been shared more than 10,000 times and has over 33,000 likes to-date. 

Even though this was just a silly prank between friends, it  got us thinking about all the artifacts we've misunderstood and how weird our stuff must look to an outsider. Also, we kind of want to add a laminator to our wishlist now. 

The Internet works in mysterious ways. 


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