Two Irish Singers Mash All Of Our Favorite Adele Songs Into One Mesmerizing Cover

"Hello," "Someone Like You," and "When We Were Young" are all included.

By now, we're sure you've heard an Adele cover or two — from 14-year-old Rosie Delmah's reggae "Hello" cover to 21-year-old Nicole Cross' incredible version — there have been plenty to keep your ears happy.

And now, two Irish singers — Ronan Scolard and Glenn Murphy — tossed together a handful of our favorite Adele hits and compiled them into one seamlessly beautiful, raw medley. 

With the help of their impeccable voices and the gentle piano accompaniment, songs such as "Hello," "Someone Like You," "Turning Tables," and "When We Were Young" become one flawless number almost meant to be together. 

"Soooo good! I could listen to you two sing all day long," one listener comments on Scolard and Murphy's cover, which was uploaded to YouTube.

And the feeling is mutual. Be sure to watch the full video below:


(H/T: Mashable)


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