This Teacher Can 'Hit That Whip,' But He Is Also Changing Countless Lives

Hit that whip, then get those A grades.

Learning and bonding at Ron Clark Academy in South Atlanta is a bit different than other schools, to the say the least.


Founded by Ron Clark and Kim Bearden in 2007, the former "Teachers Of The Year" set out to make the school different from others.

It currently has 113 students, from 5th-8th grade, and employs a number of tactics that change how students learn.

To start with, students and faculty must be "slide-certified," which entails sliding down a custom two-story slide in the middle of the school. As CBS News points out, this is "a symbol they've signed on for something different." 

They also have "houses" like you would find in "Harry Potter." They are named after different character traits, such as "Altruismo," which means "to give" in Portuguese, as pointed out by a student in a MSNBC profile of the school.

They also like to dance.

This past week, one of their dances to "Bet You Can't Do It Like Me Challenge" by DLOW went viral after Clark posted it to Facebook.

The #DoItLikeMeChallenge consists of a number of popular songs, like "Watch Me Whip," and challenges people to dance to them, according to

Clark told "We want to meet kids where they are and recognize their interests...We push them hard academically, but we also work hard on relationships and bonds." and some of his students break it down to the popular."


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