What If These Fictional Characters Grew Old?

It's not about death.

When you think Superman, you most likely picture him zooming through the sky, full of youthful energy, ready to save the world. You picture him with peachy cheeks, a healthy glow and certainly no arthritis. 

But what if Superman was mortal? Just like the rest of us. He'd live an adventurous life, racking up the karma points, but eventually he'd grow old and pass away.

Argentine photographer Romina Ressia wrestles with the mortality of larger-than-life characters in her latest photo series "Not about Death." In the series, Ressia kills off three characters: Snow White, Superman and Wonder Woman.

"This project explores how we stand faced to the real world, as individuals, with the baggage we bring, which has been inculcated to us through cartoons, comics and fictional characters throughout our childhood," the artist explains on her website. "It explores how strongly those values and beliefs have been incorporated into the collective memory."

We're certainly not used to seeing our favorite fictional characters this way.


Nestor as Superman

On her website Romina reveals that Nestor in real life is actually a 75-year-old widower. After losing his wife two years ago, he now focuses on making every day count.  

Don't know about you, but we think that's exactly what Superman would do.

Virginia as Wonder Woman

Virginia and Ressia initially met seven years ago. The artist explains that Virginia is one of those people who really do know how to enjoy life, and that's why she chose her to play Wonder Woman.

Cornelia as Snow White

Meet Cornelia, your new role model. To celebrate her 94th birthday, she traveled 300 miles to Buenos Aires with almost 50 relatives. Talk about being popular! That was also the day Ressia took the photos of her dressed as Snow White.

To check out more of Ressia's art, head to her Facebook page. 

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