12 Romantic Surprises Men And Women Love, According To A Dating Survey

Love is in the air.

In honor of Valentine's Day, online dating site Zoosk conducted a survey to determine what folks find romantic — and it turns out romantic surprises are key.  After surveying 9,000 of their online dating members and looking at data from 750,000 profiles and 200,000 messages, data analysts learned that even though the dating game has changed with all its techy and social networking customs, old school romance is still very much alive and well. So, if you think sweeping someone off their feet with roses and a romantic getaway is cheesy, think again. Romantic surprises are timeless. 

While we should always show our significant other how much we care about them every day of the year, it can be nice to have a special day celebrating romance. Coming up with a romantic surprise for your girlfriend, or a romantic surprise for your boyfriend, can seem like a huge feat, no matter if you've been dating for a few years or just a few weeks. But according to the survey, there are a few romantic gifts and treats that are guaranteed to give your bae heart eyes.


Romantic Surprises For Her

When it comes to romantic surprises for her, thoughtfulness is the way to go. "When asked what the most romantic thing someone could do for them is, women list a romantic getaway," it says in the survey report.  Women seemed to be more attracted to sentimental gifts like a framed photo of them and their partner or some flowers. Sometimes, keeping it simple can be priceless

Top 3 Things Women Find Romantic

  • 70 percent of women think a romantic getaway is romantic.

  • 69 percent of women think offering support and encouragement is romantic.

  • 66 percent of women think hugs or kisses to say thank you are romantic.

Top 3 Gifts Women Find Romantic

  • 61 percent of women think tickets to an event are romantic.

  • 54 percent of women think flowers are romantic.

  • 51 percent of women think a framed photo of the two of you is romantic.

Romantic Surprises For Him

When it comes to romantic surprises for him, men find physical affection most romantic, so be sure to spoil your love with lots of hugs and kisses. It's all about the "love language" —  which, according to Gary Chapman's The five Love Languages, can be either affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, or physical touch. When asked what language they find the most romantic 60 percent of men said physical touch, while women were split between 39 percent preferring quality time and 34 percent preferring physical touch.

Top 3 Things Men Find Romantic

  • 74 percent of men think hugs or kisses to say thank you are romantic.

  • 69 percent of men think offering support and encouragement is romantic.

  • 50 percent of men think caring for you when you're sick is romantic.

Top 3 Gifts Men Find Romantic

  • 54 percent of men think a framed photo of the two of you is romantic.

  • 51 percent of men think tickets to an event are romantic.

  • 21 percent of men think cologne is romantic.

Photo Courtesy of  Rawpixel.com I Shutterstock

The survey showed that old-fashioned romance ranks super high among men and women both.  A majority of daters (75 percent to be exact) think snuggling in front of a fireplace is the most romantic date, 58 percent of people think candlelight dinners are romantic, and 45 percent swoon over picnic dates in the park.  If that's not mushy enough for you, a whopping 95 percent of people think holding a door open on a date is romantic, 93 percent are into public displays of affection, and 82 percent think that paying for your date is romantic. How's that for millennial "hookup culture?"


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