15 Times Couples Embraced Romance On Their Anniversaries And Succeeded

Happy anniversary.

Married couples send each other messages of love throughout the year. However, there's one special day when romance is the only option: an anniversary. And the best way to send that special anniversary message is through a card.

Here are 15 anniversary cards that will strengthen your belief in love:


1. A very happy wife.

2. So that's how couples survive the years.

3. Sweet beyond anything.

4. A romantic vegetable reference.

5. So true.

6. A love pun.

7. A couple that eats together, stays together.

8. Love is like chemistry.

9. Comparing love to salt and pepper.

10. The written message adds a romantic touch.

11. Short and sweet.

12. Well said.

13. If you like pears.

14. Looks tasty.

15. That is so adorable.


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