Courageous Baker Hit London Attackers Over The Head With A Crate Before Sheltering 20 People

He wasn't the only hero in London.

Moments after one of the London Bridge attackers stabbed someone, Florin Morariu rushed towards danger wielding nothing but a crate.

As reported by the BBC, Morariu, a Romanian baker who lives in London and works at the Bread Ahead Bakery, had just witnessed someone being stabbed in the throat after three attackers rammed into a crowd in a large van. The attack, which killed seven people and injured 48, scared Morariu. But that didn't stop him from acting. 

"It was scary, I also felt pity for the victims," Morariu told the BBC. "I didn't know how to react. Then I just threw the crate at them, I threw the first crate, I knew he was going to dodge it and while he was dodging it I walked towards him and hit him in the head with a second crate."

He said a police officer then came up behind them and told him to flee because they were going "going to throw a grenade." 

Morariu's courage earned him global recognition. Not only did news outlets like The Associated Press write about him, but even Dan Stoenescu, Romania's ambassador to Tunisia, hailed him on Twitter.

He wasn't the only hero, either.

A rugby player turned cop took on the three attackers with nothing but a baton, and ended up being stabbed in the face during his heroic efforts. He survived. A 28-year-old Australian nurse who worked just a few hundred yards from the attack lost her life trying to help.

"As she ran towards danger, in an effort to help people on the bridge, Kirsty sadly lost her life," her family said in a statement through London's Metropolitan Police.

Morariu, for his part, managed to escape the scene unscathed. After fighting off the terrorists, he gave more than 20 people shelter inside his bakery while police did their best to apprehend the suspects. When a BBC reporter asked how Morariu had the courage to put himself in harm's way, his answer was simple.

"I felt pity for the person who was lying on the ground," he said. "And I wanted to save both of us."


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