This Hands-Free Robotic Luggage Gives A Whole New Meaning To The Phrase 'On The Go'

Yes, please.

One robotics company is giving luggage a major upgrade. 

In a video for Mashable, Alex Libman, the founder of NUA Robotics, shows off the company's prototype for a smart, robotic, carry-on suitcase that moves and "communicates" on its own, without any hassle.

Libman explains that to use the luggage, a user downloads the NUA app onto their smartphone and activates the case. Then, the robot recognizes the user, follows them, and communicates through sensor networks, computer vision, and robotic technology. 

Moreover, the cases can avoid obstacles, charge on the go, and power your laptop and other devices. It also includes an anti-theft alarm.

This is all in an attempt "to make robotics a natural thing in everyday life," Libman says in the video.


Currently, the company is working on adjusting the suitcase's speed for optimal safety and efficiency, and according to Mashable, the suitcase could be available in about a year.

"[Libman adds that] the technology could be useful for a number of objects beyond suitcases," Mashable's Jessica Plautz writes. "Libman gave the example of a shopping cart at the supermarket that would go with you around the store, eliminating the need to push it."

And hey, if this technology means no more heavy bags, sore shoulders, and traveling nightmares, then we're all for it.

Be sure to watch the full video below:

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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