Google's New Robotic Dog Is Absolutely Amazing


Meet Spot.

Everyone knows man's best friend has four legs, fur and an affinity for playing outside. When Spot's creators Boston Dynamics got involved, though, that best friend turned into a semi-creepy, self-stabilizing quadrupedal robot that can move in packs, navigate itself up and down a hill and, occasionally, withstand attack.


In 2011, the Massachusetts-based robotics company unveiled a video featuring the evolution of BigDog, a robot funded by the U.S. Department of Defense and Spot's predecessor. BigDog's movements were directed by a computerized onboard control system, as reported by The Guardian

Spot is the next step in the robot's evolution: At 160 pounds, it is a lighter version of BigDog. It also runs on electricity and hydraulic feet, which may account for the difference in noise level when comparing it to some of the robots that came before. 

Its natural look and agile movement make quite the video. Creepy or not, you've got to admit: Technology is pretty damn cool.

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