Robin Williams' Final Movie Trailer Is Here — And So Are The Tears

'Boulevard' is his last on-screen performance.


Robin Williams' suicide in August came as a huge shock for many and, even today, still leaves a hole in our hearts. A vastly talented actor, he had an unprecedented ability to provoke the most extreme emotions at both ends of the spectrum — inspiring the heartiest of laughs and the most heart-wrenching of cries. Preparing us for this summer's release, the trailer for Robin Williams' final movie, Boulevard, is here, and, as expected, Williams' final performance is set to make us cry.

In the film, Williams portrays a jaded bank manager named Nolan who re-evaluates his entire life after meeting a young man named Leo. Having grown estranged from his wife (played by Kathy Baker), Nolan's chance encounter with Leo, a young male hustler, forces him to confront his sexuality. 

Boulevard also stars newcomer Roberto Aguire as Leo and  Bob Odenkirk, whose character tells Nolan, "Maybe it's never too late to finally start living the life you really want."

Since Williams' death, a handful of his last works have been released, including Night at the Museum 3 and A Merry Friggin' Christmas. But Boulevard is Williams' last on-screen drama performance. And judging by this trailer, we'll definitely be crying at the theater. 

Watch the Boulevard trailer here:

Boulevard will be released July 10, 2015.


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