Teens Took A Photo Of A Man's Kidney Search T-Shirt. Now The Entire Internet Is On The Hunt.

The man has been looking for a kidney for four years. One tweet might make all the difference.

Robert Duran may get a new kidney thanks to a clever T-shirt and a few savvy, social media-minded teens. Duran went to a Costco in Phoenix, Ariz. to browse while wearing a shirt that advertised his need for a kidney donor with B+ blood type. That's when a group of teens attending school in the area spotted his T-shirt and decided they might be able to help. 


"My friends and I finally walked up to him and my friend took down his info and let him know that we can post this on any social media platform so we can find him a donor with B+ blood type," one of the teens, who preferred to remain anonymous, told A Plus. "I felt like it was the right thing to do. Once I read his shirt I felt something in my heart. It's not every day that you see shirts that say that and that was a first for my friends and I."

Another of the teens, Twitter user @_kerrrn_,  who similarly did not want to be identified,  blasted off a tweet with a photo of Duran. It quickly went viral, getting more than 236,000 retweets in just a few days. In that time period, the story was picked up by Fox News, Yahoo and other major news outlets.

The students, who live in California but go to school in Phoenix, found an eager participant in Duran, who posed for a photo and gave them his information. He'd been looking for a kidney for over four years and wanted the help. Once the tweet started taking off, people began direct messaging @_kerrrn_ and asking her for his contact information. Many replied to the viral tweet saying they had B+ blood and wanted to talk. 

"When we were talking to him, he told us that he has been going through this all for four years and hasn't found a donor," @_kerrrn_ said. "He said that every time his wife and him go out to the store, they wear that shirt. He said has gone to the airport and pretends like he has a flight while wearing that shirt. That hit home."

The group of teens has taken it one step further now, too. They've set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for Duran's dialysis and other medical expenses.

"The support he has been receiving is breathtaking," @_kerrrn_ said. "The amount of DMs I have been receiving of people with B+ willing to donate their kidneys is outstanding. I have been trying to respond to everyone giving his info because you never know which kidney is the most similar to his."

While Duran hasn't found a kidney yet, with the additional attention everyone is hopeful that he will soon.


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