Badass Woman Stars In Epic Photo Series Doing All The Things You Shouldn't Do While Pregnant

"I knew that I wanted to photograph my wife pregnant, but the cute Pinterest-style maternity photos just aren't my cup of tea."

Entertainment and advertising photographer Robby Klein is known for his portraits of A-list celebrities and editorial shoots, but it's his series featuring his wife, Jady, that's really caught our eye. Back in April, Jady gave birth to the couple's son, Beckett. In the 10 weeks leading up to that day, Klein and Jady collaborated on a maternity photo series called, What Not to Do When You're Pregnant or #WNTDWYP

The series featured images of Jady doing some pretty damn adventures things for anyone to do — pregnant or not. She hunted rattlesnake, did motorcycle stunts, and went skydiving. Of course, the photos are totally staged and neither Jady nor baby Beckett were in any danger or harmed during the process. 


"I knew that I wanted to photograph my wife pregnant, but the cute Pinterest-style maternity photos just aren't my cup of tea. I wanted to do something that reflected the work I'm known for a bit more," Klein told BuzzFeed. "One day, during week 30, I off the cuff mentioned something and said, 'Well, you shouldn't do that when you're pregnant,' and we laughed about it. I just couldn't get it out of my head though and finally asked her if she would shoot a photo of something she obviously shouldn't do as a pregnant woman: boxing."

They loved the photo so much, they decided to do one every week while Jady went from being 31 to 40 weeks pregnant. The couple bonded over these photo shoots as they traveled, called in a few favors from friends, and bought clothes on Craigslist to get the perfect image. 

"As the weeks went on, I would pick the ideas that I thought we could best pull off with the time we had," Klein wrote in a blog post. "Because of our often demanding schedules and the fact that each photo was both shot and released on the week it represents — that was important to me to stick to — multiple times during this series, I would realize at 4 p.m. on a Tuesday that the following day from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. was the only time we had to shoot the photo! So it would turn into a mad dash of trying to track down locations, props, etc. in a matter of hours to be able to pull off the shot." 

The project became an incredibly meaningful one for the couple, and they can't wait to share them with Beckett when he gets older. Because the photos were such a hit, Klein has hinted at the possibility of making a What Not To Do With A Newborn series down the line. 

For now, we'll have to enjoy these. You can check out Klein's photos below as he tells you, What Not To Do When You're Pregnant.

1. At 31 weeks: "Boxing."

2. At 32 weeks: "Go to war."

3. At 33 weeks: "Catch gators."

4. At 34 weeks: "Fencing."

5. At 35 weeks: "Rattlesnake hunting."

6. At 36 weeks: "Ride the bull."

7. At 37 weeks: "Rock climbing."

8. At 38 weeks: "Motorcycle stunts."

9. At 39 weeks: "Go skydiving."

10. At 40 weeks: "Communicate with the upside down."


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