Man Who Can't Move From The Neck Down First Quadriplegic To Finish Tough Mudder Race

Now that's how you finish a race.

Living with a disability in this world is no easy feat, a truth that 21-year-old Rob Camm knows all too well. Two years ago, an accident left the University of Bristol student from the United Kingdom paralyzed from the neck down. Following the accident, he needed a ventilator and spent nine months in the hospital.  

But this past weekend, Camm put that all behind him to literally go where no quadriplegic person has gone before: a Tough Mudder South West obstacle course. He became the first paralyzed person to finish the race, which touts a 12-mile course and lots of mud.

"I've got a wheelchair that's capable of doing it, so I thought 'why not?' It's a wheelchair set on top of a quad bike and I've not found anything that can stop it yet," he told The Telegraph

He had played rugby before the car accident. 


He completed the course alongside his team SpecialEffect, named after the company who created the chair which he uses his eyes to control its movements. 

He set up a JustGiving account to raise money for the organization.

"[SpecialEffect] provided much-needed relief from the realities of my prolonged stay in hospital. Not only that it enable me to begin another important part of rehab in how to to reconnect with the world and do things for myself," he wrote in the description. "SpecialEffect undoubtedly had a huge impact on me and by raising money for them I hope to enable them to help more people."

But his journey with the company, or tackling obstacles, is not yet over. The Telegraph reports that he's testing a product of SpecialEffect's called the exoskeleton that allows him to send signals to his brain, which then gets his legs to move. 

First step, crossing the finish line. Next step, the world. 


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