River Island And Ashish Collaborate To Create Its First Gender-Neutral Collection

It's River Island's first gender-neutral Design Forum collection.

Clothing is something that should allow us to express our creativity and celebrate who we truly are, regardless of our backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and the gender we identify with. To make clothing more inclusive for all, some brands are doing away with rigid men's and women's labels on collections, and embracing gender-neutral options instead.

H&M is one such brand championing this change with its unisex collection from Spring 2017, and Target has jumped on the bandwagon, too, by getting rid of gender-based signs in its stores. 


River Island is now continuing the movement with its first-ever gender-neutral Design Forum collection with Ashish.

Since its launch in 2012, the River Island Design Forum has been a platform for designers to bring their brands to a larger market and to "push the boundaries of fashion on the high street." 

There have been more than 10 River Island Design Forum collections, but the Ashish x River Island partnership is the first one that will not be divided into men's and women's collections. 

Instead, it is being presented as a gender-neutral range.

The 15 piece collection will include outerwear, loungewear, and dresses and feature some of Ashish's signatures including sparkles, humorous slogans, and quirky touches. Signifying its importance, the collection will launch in September 2017 with an original video during London Fashion Week.

(H/T: Harper's Bazaar)


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