Why Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora Want People To Say 'I Will Not Be Deleted'

We should all feel safe online.

Social media can be a great space to find like-minded people, express opinions, and discover new things. However, there is a darker side to the online world as some social media users experience trolling and negative comments. The negativity can be so bad, it causes some to delete their posts or even remove themselves from social media altogether.

British cosmetics brand Rimmel London wants people to feel free to express themselves on social media without fear of backlash. So, it has partnered with The Cybersmile Foundation, an award-winning anti-cyberbullying nonprofit, and enlisted the help of influencers, including model Cara Delevingne and singer Rita Ora, for its latest campaign.


The anti-cyberbullying campaign is appropriately called "I Will Not Be Deleted."

It will officially launch on November 12, but it is already being promoted. Rimmel London was inspired to launch the campaign after it experienced negative feedback over a recent Perfect Match Foundation campaign where models' images had not been retouched.

Michael Bryce, chief marketing officer Color Cosmetics at Coty said there were harsh comments being made about people's looks, such as "Her skin is terrible. What's she doing? Why does she have so much acne?" 

He reveals Rimmel was already working on the "I Will Not Be Deleted" campaign, but these comments inspired them to further the discussion on how to stop cyberbullying. 

"We said to ourselves, 'This is something we really need to stand up against.' "

Rimmel London and The Cybersmile Foundation will initially partner for three years, but see it as a long term project to create a safer space online where people won't feel the need to take down photos or posts after receiving judgmental comments, hence the campaign's title.

To go along with the campaign, they've launched CyberSmile Assistant, an innovative A.I. tool which will give people support on ways to deal with cyberbullying. It ties into Rimmel London's beauty roots because the tool will specifically address those who are bullied on social media because of their looks.

WWD reports the tool will initially launch in English in early 2019. It will then be released in different languages across 10 of the brand's major markets including the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain and Poland.

Delevingne and Ora recently spoke out about the campaign's launch at an event. Ora later shared an Instagram post encouraging a united front to ending cyberbullying. 

"Help us to stop online bullying," she urged. "We’re stronger together!"

(H/T: Out)

Cover image via  Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley I Shutterstock


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