Riley Curry Is The Real MVP As She Drops Some Drake Bars From 'Blessings'

She's back and never left.

Future rapper, entertainer and current holder of most adorable NBA kid is back with another round of press conference hilarity.


We first met 2-year-old Riley Curry when NBA MVP Stephen Curry brought his little bundle of joy to a press conference a few days ago.

She waved high to the crowd, got a little tired, but overall had a pretty good time. Considering the monotony of these press conferences, it was great to see some funny antics for a change.

This lookalike father-daughter duo definitely needs their own YouTube series as soon as possible. With her natural charisma, the next thing you know, Riley might be appearing alongside Steph in his Sate Farm commercials.

Needless to say, she stole the show and it demanded a sequel, immediately.

Well we got our wish!

The other, night after the Golden State Warriors' win against the Rockets, Riley blessed the world with something truly amazing.

Even more comfortable in front of the crowd the second time around, Riley decided it was time we get to know her singing voice and affinity for the microphone.

But she didn't just sing any ol' song. She started singing Drake's chorus from Big Sean's "Blessings" track. 

It's honestly the cutest remix you will ever come across.

Watch Riley steal the show AGAIN in the video below!

All Steph could do was laugh and respond back, "You wanted to say that..."

Sometimes you just gotta drop bars when the moment strikes!

Drake also saw the video and even uploaded the clip to his Instagram account. Thus completing the entertainment circle of life.


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