Ready For Your Next Adventure? This Time-Lapse Will Make You Choose Finland For Your Next Destination.

BRB, going to Finland.

It's part of human nature to experience wanderlust: the deep desire to travel the world, and experience different cultures and countries. 

The latest project by Finnish photographer Riku Karjalainen is called "Finland." It's a collection of time-lapse images that don't only demonstrate the beauty of Finland's landscape, but how dynamic the environment is as well.

The film opens with a heavy fog among the trees that looks almost magical, and it's incredible to see how it moves and flows during the course of the day. A setting sun turns the landscape into brilliant jewel tones of purple, red, and gold.


Though the film is meant only to highlight the incredible beauty of Finland, it's easy to get drawn in and want to plan a visit

Finland's dark skies make for ideal skywatching, as evidenced by the brilliant views of the Milky Way that are becoming increasingly rare as light pollution from urban sprawl continues to grow. 

One of the most remarkable sequences depicts aurora borealis, better known as the northern lights. The night sky comes alive with a vibrant emerald color, thanks to the charged particles in the atmosphere.

"Finland" is a glimpse into the majestic countryside of a country that can be often overlooked for more bustling tourist destinations, but this film could change that.

Ready to check out the video? You'll want to go full-screen for this one:

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All images via: Riku Karjalainen


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