Rihanna Casually Tweeted World Leaders To Ask What They're Doing To Fund Global Education. Here's What They Said.

Talk about getting to "Work," huh?

We're used to pop stars using social media for selfies, interacting with fans, and sharing their music with everyone — but Rihanna is taking the Twitter game to a whole new level. The Barbados-born hitmaker is going to "Work" by tweeting at some of the most important people in the world all in the attempt to get their support to fund education.

In an effort to help Global Citizen and the Global Partnership for Education get G20 leaders to work together in the hopes that they'll "achieve the common goal of getting all children into school for a quality education," RiRi reached out to these powerful figures on June 23 publicly for their support instead of sliding into their DMs. And, to the surprise of some, these dignitaries actually responded.

First up was Mauricio Macri, president of Argentina, whom Rihanna asked about the country's plan to commit to #FundEducation. Macri responded the next day, ensuring the singer that education is "the central core of our political aims" and that education is the "only" thing that can change the world.

Then came Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, whom the Bajan singer asked to recommit to #FundEducation after showing support in the past. Trudeau, of course, told Rihanna "we've got your back," and said girls' education "is in our feminist international development policy."

Next up was Emmanuel Macron, president of France, whom the Grammy-winning performer asked to have the country commit to — you guessed it — #FundEducation. Macron has yet to respond on social media, at least publicly.

Last came Steffen Seibert, a former journalist and TV anchor who is the current head of Germany's governmental press and information agency — which basically makes him Chancellor Angela Merkel's press secretary. Rihanna asked Seibert for an update on their commitment to #FundEducation and, with a smiley face emoji, said, "I'm depending on you!" Seibert replied by saying education is "a key area of German development policy" and that it had doubled spending since 2013.

This all comes after the burgeoning actress took a trip to Malawi to teach math to children and get an update on how the country's education program could benefit by getting some improvements. You can watch that trip here and see just how important funding education around the world is:

Kudos to Rihanna for using Twitter to make a positive impact in the world.

(H/T: Hello Giggles)

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