Answer These Questions To Determine If It's The Right Time To Tell A 'Dad Joke'

There's a time and a place for everything.

This June, A Plus is celebrating Father's Day and the release of the film "One Last Thing," a one night only Chicken Soup for the Soul event, with a cavalcade of dad stories, videos and — of course — jokes. The film is playing nationwide on June 13.

If you're a dad, then you've probably got tons of good dad jokes in the back pocket of your cargo shorts. While you may have even more ideas for dad jokes up your Hawaiian shirt sleeve, you might not always know when's the right time to tell a dad joke.


After all, you don't want your best dad joke to fall on unappreciative ears. So the next time you're wondering if it's the right time to tell a dad joke, ask yourself these questions first:

A Plus 

Yup — you guessed it. Anytime's the right time to tell a dad joke! Because telling a dad joke to your kids (and everyone else in earshot) shows your humor and heart. So whether you're in front of your kid's significant other, talking to a waiter, or just sitting on the couch with your family, let the jokes flow. As much as your kids and partner may roll their eyes, they secretly all kinda love it a lot. 

That means you'd better stock up on some new dad jokes in time for Father's Day. Here are a few of our favorite dad jokes to get the pun party started:

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