11 Women Who'll Inspire You To Get Off The Couch


Ronda Rousey's fight this weekend got a lot of people talking about how people often try to undermine women in martial arts, weightlifting, and other sports that make us not want to mess with them. Rousey's philosophy of not being a "do nothing bitch" is inspiring to people taking on any field, and her rejection of haters who criticize her appearance and think she owes them something is sorely needed.

Rousey's not the only one out there showing how women aren't ashamed of being super strong. Check out this inspiring gallery of memorable moments when women got all superhuman and made us consider not using our treadmill for leftover pizza storage.


1. Adela Garia.

2. How do humans even do that?

3. What is happening?

4. Raquel Benetti.

5. Ronda Rousey.

6. A reporter suggested he was tougher than Rousey.

7. Julia Vins.

8. Amanda Douglas.

9. Amanda Bingson

10. Chantae McMillan.

11. Dallas Friday.


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