Girl Lands A Ridiculously Hot Marine Boyfriend After Spotting His Photo On The Web

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We've all heard about the Tinders, Match.coms, The Leagues and Bumbles of the Internet, but has anyone ever considered looking for the love of their lives on Imgur?

Imgur, an online image-sharing community, is the birthplace of many famous memes, jokes and whatever other debauchery comes to mind. But we reckon that after this story it might as well be the new destination for all the lonely hearts looking for their better half.

Read on and you'll see what we mean.


A few years ago, a guy named Dean posted several images on Imgur from his deployment in Uganda. Quite instantly, the Internet dubbed him as the Ridiculously Happy Marine.

Not only did Dean's photos cause him to become a meme, they struck a chord with women of Imgur as well.

Comments like 'Sweet Jesus, you're so attractive it's stupid' and 'My ovaries are doing that thing where they make me think babies are cute and stuff' became usual.

But one lady took it a step further ...

After being a lurker on Imgur for awhile, Francesca, who goes by the name Wlfqueen07, saw Dean's photos and decided it won't hurt to say hi.

Francesca sent Dean a message saying how much she likes his posts and how she appreciates what he is doing for the country. Knowing she's basically talking to an Internet celebrity, she didn't expect Dean to answer.

But he did!

They stayed in touch and ended up meeting in real life a year later. Suddenly, an Internet fling blazed up to be a full-stack love story.

After the couple shared their story on Imgur, the entire community went bonkers celebrating their love. Both Dean and Francesca say they were shocked by the amount of positive responses they received.

Just an FYI, but we're already looking forward to some Ridiculously Happy Babies!


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