These 13 Less Than Inspirational Yearbook Quotes Had Us Dying

Ladies and gentlemen: Your future.

High school yearbook quotes bring out everyone's favorite hackneyed Gandhi and Robert Frost quotes. Fortunately, we can always count on those renegade seniors who shot for the stars and landed in the Internet notoriety hall of fame.

While most people's thoughts when seeing those more unique quotes might be, "Good luck explaining these to your grandkids," we think they highlight some of the finer qualities in our youth. Allow us to explain: 


1. They're quick to assume responsibility.

2. They're selfless.

3. They're urban.

4. They are adept at forming emperical evidence-based arguments.

5. They appreciate the advice of their elders.

6. They synchronize art and technology beautifully.

7. They know how to connect with nature.

8. They're candid.

9. So, so candid.

10. They believe in themselves.

11. They're ready to kill the game.

12. Most importantly, they're all in this together.

13. They're a real group of Nguyen-ers (pronounced when-ers), really.

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