A Guy Went To A McDonald’s Drive-Thru At 1 A.M., And Left With Way More Than A McChicken And A Milkshake

"Give me the extra pie."

Do you have a funny story about that time you went to a McDonald's drive-thru?



Save it, though, because you are about to read a drive-thru story to end all drive-thru stories.

But know that it is just that — a story. 

One that is just so absurdly weird and crazy, you might even reach a new level of enlightenment after reading it. You'll see what we mean.

OK, so it begins normally enough. A guy named Josh Raby claims he was hungry at 1 a.m. and decides he wants a milkshake.

Nothing to see here. Perfectly normal. However, he says as soon as the McDonald's worker starts speaking that he knew he's in for something special.

Begging his patience? What is happening? Either way, Raby offers his patience. The employee is relieved.

For some reason Raby decides he wants a milkshake. Simple, nothing too crazy.

This isn't going to be simple, though.

Apple pies, eh? Now Raby is concerned. Why does he have so many apple pies. What is going on?

But Raby is a cool dude. No worries.

Yet, that isn't going to be so easy either.

Then this bombshell.

Oh boy.

Undeterred by the loss, the employee tries to push the apple pies on Raby again. At this point, it might just be better to say, "Sorry for your loss," and go home.

However, to appease this man's poor soul, Raby says he decides to buy the apple pies.

But, just wait a minute.

Behiiind the boxes????

Meanwhile, 22 minutes have passed and Raby still hasn't successfully ordered anything. But at least his wife is OK?

However, this guy's wife really wants him to buy some apple pies.

Discount, you say?

Spoiler alert, he took it.

But we're not quite done here.

He claims it's been 16 years since he's worked at a McDonald's himself.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, then all of a sudden it starts getting hostile.

Chill, chill, chill. The man took your apple pie discount.

At this point, it's probably time to cut your losses, man. You've been there approximately 35 minutes too long.

Really should go.

Yep, still not done here.


NOOOOOO!!!! You'd be mistaken if you thought this story ends here, because it certainly does not.

Oh and he says McDonald's tried to get @ him.

And then he says McDonald's started running a smear campaign against him.

Even though he thought they were really nice people! Hey, he says was there for nearly an hour.

And claims he worked at McDonald's himself.

But the truthers weren't having it.

But don't worry, he's enjoying this.

He made the claim that the proof was in the brown bag, as they say ... maybe.

We really don't know what you've become. You're the internet's now. You are part of the cosmic universe of interconnected souls with crazy McDonald's stories. Be sure to enjoy with ketchup.

UPDATE: Josh Raby later confimed that his story was indeed a hoax.


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