Ricky Martin's Trip To Puerto Rico Proves 'Love Is Stronger' Than Anything

"We had everything. Maria took it all. But we're not resentful."

In an effort to help those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Ricky Martin headed to his homeland to provide supplies and speak to some of the millions of people in need. This week, Martin recapped his trip on The Ellen Show, providing devastating — yet hopeful — footage from his trip.

"First of all, I don't want to be pessimistic, I just want to be realistic," Martin tells Ellen DeGeneres. "The images don't do justice to what really happened in Puerto Rico ... They say that only 43 [Editor's note: as of this writing, the official number is 34.] people have died on the island. [But] I know of families that had to bury their relatives in the backyard because there was no help. And we're still dealing with this ... Right now Puerto Rico is still struggling ... and I don't see [a] light at the end of the tunnel. That's why we need to work. And that's why I'm here today."


Martin then adds that he plans on returning to the island this weekend with 120,000 pounds of essential supplies for Puerto Rico's people. 

With that, DeGeneres presents footage from Martin's trip. It features his interactions with residents while showcasing their strength and compassion. 

"We're here," Martin tells one man, who then proceeds to hug and pick Martin up. "Look what I brought you here," he says, handing him supplies.

"We had everything. Maria took it all. But we're not resentful," the man replies.

Later in the footage, Martin hands a heavy box of supplies to someone, saying, "I'm going to give it to this guy [to carry] because it weighs a lot."

"But love is stronger," a woman observing the interaction says. And we don't think it gets more beautiful than that.

After airing the footage, DeGeneres offers Martin a $100,000 check from Walmart toward helping his relief efforts, and Martin reiterates just how important such donations are — whether people can offer a single dollar or more. If you'd like to donate, click here.

Check out more from Ricky's interview on Ellen and more footage from his trip below:


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