Artist Takes Photos Of His Brother-In-Law In The Superman Outfit

We can all be superheroes if we want to be.

We all have our favorite outfit. Whether it's a super smart suit, a party dress or a good old white tee, whenever we wear it we feel like we can conquer the world.

For Michael, the brother-in-law of Boston-based photographer Rick Ashley, his favorite outfit is definitely his Superman costume.

Michael has Down syndrome. According to Ashley, both grown-ups and kids with Down syndrome were the frequent subjects of religious Renaissance paintings by artists like Andrea Montagna or Filippo Lippi. Now Ashley seeks to combat the modern day stigma against people with disabilities with Michael's help.

"I was referencing a number of historical paintings in the project, the subjects of those paintings alway wore their finest most elaborate clothing," Ashley told A+. "Michael's most regal outfit is his Superman outfit not to mention his most favorite."

Scroll down to see Ashley's work.


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(H/T: Feature Shoot)


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