Whenever Someone Asks Them To Show A Trick, This Circus Performer Couple Knows Exactly What To Do

"This is our go-to, drunk or sober."

Richard Hankes and Ashlee Montague is a talented acrobatic ballet duo from Philadelphia.


A few months back, Richard and Ashlee won the Internet with their startling, perfectly composed image from Paris.

Recently, Ashlee shared even more pictures of their crazy, death-defying tricks from all over the world.

"My fiancé and I are circus artists. Whenever someone asks us to show them something at a party this is our go-to, drunk or sober," Ashlee wrote on Reddit.

Before finding their way into the circus, Montague and Hankes both trained to become classical ballet dancers.

Currently, they perform as circus artists, dancers, actors and street performers.

Can we please add "regular party supernovas" to that list?

Take a look at these impressive splits and handstands.

And follow @richard_ashlee on Instagram to see more of their head-turning adventures.

To find out more about Richard and Ashlee, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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