A Parody About That Friend Who Always Talks About Their Travels. We All Have One.

Maybe we're just jealous?

We all have one of these friends. You know, the "travel" friend. They've been just about everywhere on the planet at least once and as soon as they get back from one trip, they start planning the next.


It's not that we have anything against travel. Who wouldn't love to hop on a flight and spend endless days sipping drinks on a beach in Fiji? But that would be pretty expensive and most people only have a couple of weeks off a year. 

What kind of job does that "travel" friend have anyway that gives them the cash and time off?  Or maybe they don't have a job at all. Maybe they're just loaded. (Hmmm, sounds like we're kinda jealous.)

Nah, we love our "travel friends," but we can't help but relate to this sketch by College Humor that captures those awkward conversations between those who can afford to travel and those who can't... yet

Just in case you don't get that chance, you can always live vicariously through that travel friend who has a story for each and every place they've ever been. 

You: "I could go for some french fries."

Travel Friend: "One time in Paris, I forgot and called them french fries instead of pommes frites - pronounced pom freete - and the waiter gave me such a dirty look. Have you ever been?"


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