Man Gives Up All His Possessions To Travel Around Australia With His Cat

"I wanted to be grateful for everything I had so I decided to simplify my life."

For one man, going to school, getting a good job, and buying a house was all well and good — but it didn't make him happy. 

In a post shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page, Rich East, the man behind the blog Van Cat Meow, details his life before he decided to give it all up. He says he's been lucky: he'd had a good education, found a job, worked in that job for 10 years, and bought a house. But despite all this, he wasn't happy — which led him to make a pretty bold decision. 

"I wanted to be grateful for everything I had so I decided to simplify my life. I sold all my possessions, my house, quit my job, bought a van, which I turned into a campervan, and I worked out the bare minimum I would need to work each year," East writes. 


But before he could embark on this adventure, he had to decide how to handle his black rescue cat, Willow. East writes that he adopted her "some years" prior to selling his possessions, and "realized she had always been there for me." So, he brought her on his adventure around Australia. 

"Two and a half years have now passed since we left and there is no sign of us stopping yet. This is our life now and we are content. We have everything we need to be happy and most days we are! It was a lesson in gratitude and I am proud to say I wake up each day thankful for everything in my life. Willow helps teach me to slow down and appreciate what is in front of me — we all know cats are the original Zen masters!"

East details their travels on his blog and Instagram account, which has garnered nearly 50, 000 followers. 

"Happiness is spending some quality time with your cat!" East captions on the below photograph, which shows East and Willow sharing a beverage in the woods. 

"Sir, I don't know what I admire most: the fact that you had the guts to quit the day-to-day grind to pursue your true passion ... or ... the fact that you took Willow on your adventures with you! For both counts ... BRAVO!" one person comments on the Love What Matters post. 

"The most beautiful thing I've ever read, " another adds. "Sometimes, living your life simply is really the way to the happiness and contentment."

We think this is the prime example of living your best life and wish East and Willow all the best in their future travels.


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