This Short Film About The AIDS Crisis Needs Few Words To Convey Its Powerful Message

“Your spirit and light will forever be a part of me.”

Some issues touch the soul so deeply words could never explain them. 

Filmmaker Brandon Cordeiro showed just that in his powerful short film, Ribbons, which is based on the first time he learned about the impact of the AIDS crisis. 

Intentionally released online on December 1 — World AIDS Day — the nearly nine-minute film, set in Provincetown, Mass., tells the story of when Cordeiro's mother first introduced him to the epidemic by taking him to a memorial service on the beach to honor those who died of the disease. 

Through the innocence of a child's eyes, viewers are able to see how Cordeiro began to understand the impact AIDS has had on the LGBTQ community, and society in general, by reading messages from those who lost loved ones written on the strands of ribbons dancing gently in the ocean breeze. It's the only part of the film when words are uttered. 

"My beautiful, Ken. Your spirit and light will forever be a part of me," one note reads. 

"Eric, you are my brother. I will never leave your side. You are stardust," another reads. 

Those strands bearing heartfelt messages continue dancing in the wind annually at the Provincetown Swim 4 Life charity event each September. And just like the impact that day in Cordeiro's boyhood had on him, the ribbons and messages of love strewn across them are everlasting. 

"Ribbons is a very personal story for me, but represents only the beginning of the journey," Cordeiro said in a previous interview about his first film, which he intends to adapt into a feature-length screenplay. 

He added, "Our goal is to encourage discussion about differences and to keep communication about our LGBTQ history open and alive, especially as it pertains to HIV/AIDS."


Check out the powerful film below:



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