A Salesman And Rapper Guess What The Other Looks Like, Showing Why It's Important We Reverse Assumptions

Don't be so quick to judge.

You can tell a lot about a person by who they are on the inside — not so much by what's on the outside. 

Those behind the YouTube channel SoulPancake are proving this point in the latest installment of their Reverse Assumptions series. In the series, two pairs of strangers sit back-to-back in a blind conversation, asking each other questions and then guessing details about each other's appearance before turning around and revealing the truth. 

In this episode, we were especially interested in two participants: Glen, a 63-year-old White man, and Jeff, a 25-year-old Black man. One is a salesman and the other is a rap artist, but if you were to judge by appearance (and stereotypes), you'd likely make an incorrect assumption about who's who. 


Glen is a rapper with a love for performing while Jeff is a married salesman with three daughters. After learning about each other's career, passions, and  interests, the two had to guess what their partner looked like and where they're from. Based on Glen's love for hip-hop, Jeff guessed his 63-year-old partner was 35 years old, from Compton, and had gelled-back hair. Glen figured his salesman partner was a 30-year-old man wearing formal attire. The surprise on their face when they finally faced each other is priceless.

"How ya doing? I'm Grand Daddy G," Glen greeted Jeff in the surprising reveal. The "senior MC" further shocked Jeff when he confirmed that some of his guesses, like him being from Compton and actually wearing the outfit described, were true. Glen was also surprised to find that Jeff wasn't dressed in slacks and a dress shirt. "I had this salesman image in my mind," explained the silver-haired rapper. 

Also in the video are Gwyn and Jessica. Like Glen and Jeff, the two women also discovered some interesting details about each other. Gwyn is an alpaca caretaker who's been married six times and Jessica is a mommy-blogger who's passionate about wine and whiskey. Given the information they shared the pair guessed what each other looked like and was amazed to find they were wrong about their assumptions.

Overall, the video shows us how powerful our assumptions and stereotypes can be, and just how wrong they usually are. Putting aside these pre-judgements creates an opportunity to get to know others you might otherwise have dismissd as being too different from yourself. At our core, we are more similar than different. 


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