Recycled Pianos That Prove They're Good For More Than Just Music

Because a piano can be anything it wants to be.

We all know the classic story of wanting to defy the expectations other people have for you. ("The Little Mermaid," anyone?) Sometimes it's the result of overbearing parents, and other times it's society's unrealistic expectations. 

And when it comes to being a grand piano, the pressure is real: You have to sit in the corner, waiting for someone to finally dust you off and play you. You're expected to be pretentious and often have to deal with sticky-fingered kids who don't even like you. Ugh. It's easy to see why some of these instruments want to be anything but. 

Here are some pianos playing hide-and-seek: 


1. The piano who loves technology.

2. The piano with a sweet tooth.

3. The piano who wanted to be one with nature.

4. The tree hugger piano.

5. The piano who loves the sea.

6. The wino piano.

7. The well-read piano.

8. The piano who loves flowers.

9. The piano who's a huge pop art fan.

10. The piano who loves clothes.

11. The piano who felt more useful as a dining room table.

12. The piano who wanted to be a work of wall art.

13. The piano who craved more light.

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