This Retirement Home For Dogs Will Completely Melt Your Heart

Filling their final days with love.

When older animals become homeless, they face an uphill battle. It's not unusual for them to be saddled with health problems that are expensive to treat, which dramatically reduces the chances of them getting adopted. 

Fortunately, Sher Polvinale of Gaithersburg, Maryland decided to change the fate of these dogs. She turned her home into a retirement facility for these pooches, which she named House With A Heart.


Sher makes sure that the animals' sunset years are filled with love every single day.

No matter what the animals need, House With A Heart makes sure the animals want for nothing. If they have infections or need surgery, they receive the right treatment. They may be older, but if there is a way to improve their quality of life, it gets done.

Some of the dogs even require specialized carts to help them remain mobile, but it's totally worth it for them to be able to play with the others.

The facility houses about two dozen animals at once and takes some on as boarders. Despite such a large crowd, the dogs are all given the individual care they require. Each animals receives whatever medication is necessary, and meals are individualized to account for the size of the animal, plus any dietary restrictions that they might have.

Obviously, this isn't an easy task.

Meeting the needs of each individual dog takes a lot of planning.

Part of what allows Sher to perform these duties is the dedicated set of volunteers who show up every day. Not only do the volunteers help give as many dogs as much individual attention as is possible, they also run errands for Sher, allowing her to remain at the house with the animals.

Of course, it's impossible to escape the fact that dogs who live at House With A Heart will die there. Sher and the volunteers do everything they can to be present and offer the animals comfort as they leave this world.

Each resident who passes on is memorialized with a picture inside a decorated wood frame. 

These pictures wind up the stairs and have been dubbed "The Stairway To Heaven."

It's heartbreaking work, but luckily there is someone selfless enough to do it.

Learn more about this incredible facility here:

House With A Heart relies on donations to support their operations. Please click here if you'd like to contribute and support this endeavor. 

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[H/T: Elite Daily]


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