The World Got A Little Happier When This Rescued Tiger Swam For The Very First Time

Paw in first.

When the people of International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) rescued tigers Carli and Lily from unequipped owners in Buffalo, New York, they found the animals in questionable conditions. Carli and Lily had been living in run-down cages, had been suffering from neglect and were visibly anxious and nervous. 

But fortunately, IFAW workers were able to relocate the animals to Safe Haven Rescue Zoo in Nevada, where the cats could be nursed back to health, and given the resources they need. 

One development of this animal sanctuary is a recently built pool for Carli and Lily to enjoy.

But how would the animals take to the water? IFAW's Kelly Donithan decided to visit the tigers to find out. 

In a video capturing the special moment, Donithan explains unlike most cats, tigers love to bathe, swim and play in water. 


First Lily tests the pool. One paw at a time.

But it's not long before she leaps in...

...and says "hello" to the camera.

A little too close!

Here's an underwater shot:

Sadly, tiger rescues like this are not as rare as you might think. In fact, according to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) there are about 5,000 tigers kept captive in the U.S. alone — more than the 3,200 tigers in the wild. 

Pretty shocking, huh? 

To get involved and help IFAW's cause of rescuing animals like Carli and Lily, visit here. 

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