How To Save An Elephant Stuck Upside-Down In A Ditch

Who doesn't love a good elephant rescue?

Here's video of rescuers freeing a ten-year-old elephant that somehow got stuck in an irrigation ditch in Kaziranga, India.

After receiving word of the overturned elephant, workers from from the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation and the International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW) rushed to aid the distressed animal.

First, a veterinarian injected the elephant with a sedative. Then workers dug the pachyderm out using spades and hoes.

Onlookers rejoice as the young elephant finally escapes the ditch and heads off to find its heard.

It's not clear how a huge elephant ends up capsized in a shallow ditch, but we're sure glad someone was there to help the animal out.

For a first-person account of these events, click here.

(H/T: The Dodo)


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