They Expected To Rescue 1 Dog, But A Few Days Later There Were 10 More

There are millions of homeless dogs out there. Thankfully, there are some passionate people who help. Here's just one rescue story.

The Rescue From The Hart video below starts with the animal rescue learning that there was a homeless dog in need.


Their rescue mission wasn't going to be easy. They spent days trying to capture her.

Finally, and with a lot of help, they managed to secure her in a yard under a trampoline.

Once the exits were gated, the rescuers were able to approach her from both sides and place a leash on her.

You can imagine how scared she must have been. She fought frantically and tried to chew the leash off.

After tiring herself out, the girl calmed down. That's when the rescuers were able to make contact and give her a good petting.

They took her to back to the rescue home. Good thing, because she had a little surprise waiting. Or should we say 10 little surprises.

Skye became a new mommy!

And now they're all looking for their forever homes.

Get a better look at Skye and her puppies in the video below. To adopt these puppies, you can visit Legend Animal Rescue or check out your local shelter here.

They've had one happy ending, now they just need one more.


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